April 4, 2005

Publication Ban My Ass

While Judge Gomery still thinks a politician with golf balls is small town cheap, I question whether or not he knows of the fact that the internet has no borders. While Canadian media outlets were able to block Bernardo stories coming from Buffalo TV, this republican fool is telling Canadians what we aren’t allowed to know. Justice Gomery has no choice but to lift the ban tomorrow to let all Canadians get an UNFILTERED view of what actually happened. As for the Republican’s latest comments on Brault’s testimony, once again I cannot divulge the details of what they are, but mentioning first names of MPs is hardly incriminating proof. If a murder witness says that John did it, not John who, he wasn’t even there to see it, well that would be as good as gossip.
Remember Myriam Bedard, the Olympic gold-medallist athlete who thought Liberals were drug dealers and that her no-name boyfriend single-handedly convinced Jean Chretien not to go to Iraq, because by the end of her time talking to the Public Accounts Committee, nobody believed a word. Somehow, I think Brault spinning himself in circles here is not helping his cause. Then we fired Jean Pelletier for calling her a whack job. Come on, you are all thinking it.
And keeping my knowledge of the facts hidden for now, I also would like to know how being asked to sit on a committee is proof of anything. Would a cell phone company want a communications consultant in their consultative committee? Where is the crime here? I still want to know how this is wrong. Two people lobbying hard for a government contract only shows that they had to work to get it, doesn’t it?

After reading that crock of crap, I once again came to the conclusion that all this explosive testimony seems to be hearsay. Judge Gomery, PLEASE LET CANADIANS SEE THE UNFILTERED VERSION OF THE TRUTH because right now, they are getting it anyway, from the best Conservative blog of 2004, and that is even less fair to the parties involved.


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