July 5, 2006

Complete and Utter Mayhem

Complete and Utter Mayhem

Yesterday was complete and utter mayhem. Apparently, depending who you talk to, yesterday was the last ever day you could sign up to join the Liberal Party…

But if you were anywhere near St. Laurent Blvd, Jean-Talon Boulevard, Jarry Blvd, and Maurice-Duplessis Blvd, yesterday was the day to fête Fabio Grosso, yes the guy who “tripped” over the Australian guy last week, who won Italy the game in the 119th minute.

That’s right FOUR PARADES yesterday. Usually, the Little Italy one and the Saint Leonard one suffice but not yesterday as Italians took to the streets in the pouring rain to celebrate the Azzurri. Watching the game at my aunt’s house was like watching 20 people go to war on a soccer field. Germany played hard, but Italy outclassed them early.

Italy has 11 goals from 10 different players…you knew yesterday was special because in overtime, we took off a midfielder and put on a (GASP!) forward.

Italy scored at the last minute, well the second last minute of over-time. Arms went in the air. Joy erupted. We even caught my uncle crying. We were 15 but you would have thought we were 50. (me loud? NO. Imagine my family)

The parading lasted well into the evening.

If we win Sunday, who knows when the party will stop

Forza Azzurri

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Blogger James Bowie a dit...

You know who loves Italy? Richard Mahoney. He's back, baby.

7/13/2006 12:01 a.m.  

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