April 4, 2005

Benoit Pelletier out of the closet

Intergovernmental Affairs minister Benoit Pelletier must inhaling some crazy ass shit to think the Clarity Act is a bad idea and still claim to be a federalist. He said the Gomery Commission is good because it shows that Plan B which included the Clarity Act and the Sponsorship Program didn’t work. WORSE, he says we!!!!!! Is opposition to a clear question PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT POLICY? Or does we (no pun intended) refer to 49% of the 1995 population?

Well, Mr Pelletier, thanks for proving once and for all you are indeed a separatist. Promotion of Canada happens everywhere, not just Quebec. People are mad at the con artists who swindled at least 41 million dollars out of the program but if people had so much trouble with the program, why weren’t they up in arms back then when the program was created in 1997?

50 million dollars to support Quebec embassies, which have no actual purpose other than to promote Quebec: are federalists in a tizzy? Quebec has a right to promote itself and so does Canada. He says Canada should promote itself differently. Any suggestions? I smell a rat.

I have two clear questions for Mr. Pelletier: What federalist minister thinks that a clear question on sovereignty is a bad idea? What federalist minister believes that Quebec should promote itself but Canada should not promote itself in Quebec?

The answer: a separatist one

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