December 16, 2007

I’m a Big Kid Now!

(At a secret NDP meeting in Montreal)

Jumpin Jack: Wow Tom, that is quite a snowstorm out there.

Tommy Tom: Yup, looks like we will be shoveling well into the night.

Jack: Oh, don’t worry, in Toronto, everything shut down, including the Leafs who decided to get a head start and shut down Saturday night.

Tom: No worries, Montreal never shuts down. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow morning.

Jack: Not in Toronto. This is why we need the troops home from Afghanistan. Who is gonna shovel all the snow?

Tom: Let’s get down to business. This transgendered candidate is giving too many of us dull normals the heebie jeebies.

Jack: Why is she so bad?

Tom: Well Jack, all our candidates went to our site, saw her fully clad, and suddenly pulled out of the race. They said they wanted us to run James Moore’s girlfriend. If she is not available, the dog will do too.

Jack: Well Tom, we can’t just dump candidates. I’ll get Libby to draft a press release saying she was bribed to drop out by the Liberals. Dion will be incensed.

Tom: It will be quite unfair. I can imagine the press conference where he says “this is unfair” for 2 hours. I say we go for it.

Jack: You are right Tom. The NDP is a MAJOR PLAYER now. We have Quebec seats. We are ready to take power. We cant have people flip flopping on gender issues or Irene is gonna have another aneurism.

Tom: Excellent, now we can go back to running students and career losers.

Jack: I am ready for the big leagues! I’m a big kid now!

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