April 11, 2008

Are the Liberals Abstaining from the NHL Playoffs too?

So the Conservative minister for Public Works, the “most accountable minister in the Senate” Michael Fortier put his foot in his mouth by predicting the Habs would lose to the Rangers in the 2nd round. It was an educated guess and with the plethora of playoff performers on the Ranger team, actually quite possible.

It was a bonehead move and the Liberals could have used it to embarrass the Conservative Party. Senate Liberal Leader and Quebec Lieutenant Celine “I survived another week” Hervieux Payette even presented Fortier with a Ranger jersey.

An alert reporter asked Stephane Dion who the Habs were playing in the playoffs. Never mind the fact that just saying Boston will make you correct 90% of the time, how could you live in Montreal and not be aware of the playoff madness that has swept the city? Is he really that detached from what is going on in Montreal?

I know Stephane Dion has no idea who the Boston Bruins are but the Bruins sure did their best Liberal impression on the ice last night…by not showing up to play…

Update: The cartoonists are ever so merciless in Montreal


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