June 27, 2008

Year In Review

Best Moment: Gomery Verdict Completely Thrown Out
I would have gone with the Residential Schools apology but nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever top the Gomery Inquiry as the worst political decision of all time. Paul Martin’s legacy continues to grow by the day.

Best LOLOLOL: Denise Brunsdon for YLC President
Speaking of the inevitable wunderkind turning into a laughing stock…

Worst Moment: Liberals abstaining for the entire first half of this year.
There is still enough of a Liberal soul living inside of me and little pieces of it kept dying every time I watched them sit on their hands.

Most Overrated: Martha Hall Findlay
I was at a Liberal event in Montreal where Martha was speaking. She said during her speech “Two years ago, nobody knew who I was.” The silence in the room got more hilarious by the second. Martha, the Deputy Finance critic sits in the front row while the actual finance critic sits in the second row. Can someone explain this to me?

Most Underrated: Dan Arnold. Future Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party.
I know he isn’t elected yet but Dan really is a shoe-in for Premier. Dan studied math. Ed Stelmach is stupid. Shout a bunch of numbers at him dude, and he will disappear faster than a Maple Leafs player with a multi-year contract.

Worst Campaign Idea: The gimme here is Oily the Splotch.
However, my favorite part of this ad campaign is that the Tories never checked with the company they planned to advertise with to see if they ran political ads. THIS IS WHAT THE DEATH STAR DELIVERS…

Best Political Move: The Carbon Tax.
Here we have great leadership with Stephane Dion, who DARED propose something as bold as a carbon tax when everybody told him it was impossible. Why did nobody think of proposing a carbon tax before?

Worst Political Move: Jack Layton being against a carbon tax. The NDP’s aim is to box in the Liberals between them and Harper. Layton then allowed Dion and May to box him in. This will hurt the NDP at the polls.


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Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Ed Stelmach may be small-own cheap (to use the language of big-town smug), but he's not stupid. The problem is that he's part of a party that has been in power too long--what's wrong with him is what's wrong with the party. He should go because the party should go. In himself, he's a big improvement over the last guy.

6/28/2008 2:13 p.m.  
Blogger Bob a dit...

Well you better tell Dan to hurray and get his Liberal membership before they go and elect that other Arnold guy...Dave!
Good to know you guys are on top of things.

6/30/2008 3:47 p.m.  

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