August 12, 2008

Random Conversations

Meet Adam

He is from Scranton, Pennsylvania and I spoke to him about this past weekend's events in Georgia.

Adam is 23 and will be voting for the second time in November (he voted Kerry in 2004 and did not vote in the PA primary in April)

Adam: Hey Toinz (that is my WoW name, I am aware I am a dork) is it true that Russia invaded some other country

Anthony: Yea Russia invaded Georgia

Adam: No dude im serious, its all over the news

Anthony: lol no man Georgia is a small country near Russia, used to be part of Russia during the old communist days

Adam: oh lol I thought you were saying he invaded the state of Georgia.

Adam: so is this important

Anthony: Well sorta, Russia used to be a big superpower, and they have been itching to throw their epeen (it means ego) around and have all these planes and guns to do it.

Adam: Can that be bad for the US?

Anthony: You dont want Russia in any form of pissing contest. They can do quite a bit of damage. First its a small country like Georgia, then it could be Ukraine.

Adam: Yea I read that Mccain said that

Anthony: yea hes kinda the expert on that kind of thing.

Adam: did Obama say anything

Anthony: well obama was on vacation but it took him 3 statements to catch up to mccain with the severity of the answer.

Adam: he flipflopped?

Anthony: no

Anthony: he played it safe at first and as it looked more and more that mccain was right, he "clarified" his statement but really he kind of screwed up cuz it took him 3 days to get the same answer as mccain and mccain had his statement out before Obama had his first one

Adam: lol so he wasnt prepared

Anthony: he was on vacation dude

Adam: yea like Bush in crawford lol

Anthony: you sound like Fox News

Adam: nah dude

Adam: its like Hillary said, at 3am, Obama wont know what hes doing.

Anthony: Yea but John Mccain goes to sleep at 530 at night lol

Adam: come on dude i know you dont want obama to win

Anthony: ya dude but my vote counts as much as the 200000 people in Germany

Anthony: and I dont really care who wins at this point. i got it in my head that Hillary should have won so ill just watch and laugh at both of them.

Anthony: just promise me youll go vote in November

Adam: yea I think im gonna vote for mccain but its early

Anthony: well dude you have 3 months

Adam: yea i guess we'll see


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