December 1, 2008


New Liberal Democrat Bloc Anybody but Harper temporary ad hoc rainbow coalition.

Everyone has been griping that Harper is Satan and so on. Time to do something about it.

As for Ignatieff as the leader of the coalition, this would just be icing on the cake. Sucks for all the Rae and Leblanc supporters. However, it was Bob Rae who gathered everyone together Sunday to hammer out this deal.

Even Bob knew he couldn’t be Prime Minister right now. In fact, with a collapsing economy, getting him as far away from the financial levers is probably the best option anyway.

Morning edit: seems that Bob Rae will not roll over and die. Caucus may have to do that for him...makes you wonder why Ivison didnt bother calling Bob Rae...

Canada will be in good hands, even if we have a Minister of Working Families, Minister of Bank Fees, and Minister of Jack!

Change is coming. But for now, the NLDBABHTAHRC is taking over!


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Blogger Rolly a dit...

this coalition thing is a bad idea. we need to avoid this whole thing if the next leader of the party is to be in a position of strength in the next election.

if you agree, please join my group:

12/04/2008 12:51 a.m.  

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