October 24, 2008

The Ad that Saved Us From a Majority

Dan Arnold over at Calgary Grit summed up the important ads of the last campaign but he forgot one.

The Quebec ad which hammered home that Stephane Dion was irrelevant, and that only Duceppe and the Bloc could Block the majority.

Harper failed. not because he gave concessions to Quebec, but because he appeared so blatantly insincere.

On October 14th, Stephen Harper's march toward a majority was stopped in Quebec, and I hate to say it, cuz of the Bloc

After 18 years, the temporary ad hoc rainbow coalition found a use for itself.

Their vote total continues to drop.

Quebec is ready to dump this party, but it needs to make a choice.

The Tories dropped the ball.

The NDP is still invisible.

The Liberals have an opportunity here.

Time for them to capitalize.

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