October 10, 2008

This Guy Knew How to Manage a Trillion Dollar Economy

was it underhanded to air?

yes absolutely we will bea talking about this is journalism ethics classes for years

Is it underhanded to report after aired?

absolutely not

One last note on this, Mark Dunn blaming this on Dion's alleged hearing disability is generating the good ol' eye-rolling from the undecided household here in Saint Leonard.

Quote my mom "I wish I could come up with a disability every time I did something stupid"

She would be REALLY disabled...

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Blogger Emerys a dit...

Dion said he had a hard time understanding the question, I thought that was clear from the clip. It wasn't his hearing, he was over analyzing the question when he should have just spewed out a trite sound byte like any other politician would have. The idea that the man is stupid, is just that, he obviously isn't, his problem is the opposite really. Any swing voters that are considering basing their vote on something this trivial give a new meaning to the word 'superficial'.

10/10/2008 9:57 a.m.  

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