September 29, 2008

Mont Royal Jewish Politics

I was waiting for the bus at Snowdon metro this morning and I saw how Irwin Cotler's signs had been defaced. Here is a picture

I was wondering why anybody would put a Hitler mustache on Irwin frickin Cotler.

I called a few friends from the riding, visibly perplexed.

My friend from Cotler's riding said the most interesting thing too, but he refuses to allow me to name him.

"Irwin's problem isn't that he is Jewish, his problem is that he is not Jewish enough."

He went on to explain to me that Irwin's human rights positions have favored Palestinians every now and then. Run of the mill stuff like, you know, they are human beings...

Apparently that didnt please some people in the jewish community.

Anti-Semitic acts have been far from rare in the area in recent years as well. Could be anybody really

we do NOT know why or who defaced the signs in this extreme manner.

I hope they take the sign down soon. It is kind of disturbing since there is a Jewish school a few blocks away. There is no place in politics for shit like this. It is really despicable.

But seriously. Irwin Cotler not Jewish enough?


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Blogger KpoT a dit...

your post is full of bullshit
i am jewish and i despise cotler for his hypocrisy, his "human rights" fights are very selective ,he is similar to alan dershowitz - an uber-zionist

5/03/2011 3:53 a.m.  

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