May 5, 2006

NDP Strikes back at Calgary Grit

Chris responds...he is the NDP version of usual Brad Lavigne fashion, it's the Liberals' fault. A valiant effort Chris but just because it took us 13 years to implement Kyoto and implement Child Care, doesnt mean you trade it all for 10 seats.

NDP 2007 slogan:

Working for You until we get we want, then we kill it and bitch that you dont have it again.

Enough editorializing, here is Chris' Response:

We will hunt down, and punish, those responsible...

I had plans for tonight : study hard, derivate the eleasticity of price curves, calculate vectorial matrixes. A fun night, in other words. But, like a friend entering your home with a 40 oz of tequila and a broken heart the day before the finals, Antonio dedicated me this post, initially by Calgary Grit. And as I just became an internet celebrity important enough to have dedicated posts (Caution, Jason Cherniak, I'm coming!), and that, as Uncle Ben said (too) often in the first Spiderman, "With great powers comes great responsabilities", I rolled up my sleeves, spat in my hands and started to work. Quick answer from an improvised war room, my room.

So, only a hundred days after their humiliating and stunning electoral defeat, Liberals found a new national sport : NDP-bashing. Whatever the facts, their horrible record, their arrogance or their corruption, Liberals lost because we, evil dippers, we made their government fell, and we stole them voters. Which makes us responsibles for the application of the conservative agenda.

Damn, I should have thought of that before. But...I) If we consider the question, just thirty seconds, the six actions of the conservative government in the original text that are mentionned are :
A) Kyoto's brutal murder
B) Loss of the national childcare program
C) Nothing for EI or training
D) No funds for post-secondary education
E) Military integration with the US
F) Tax cuts for large entreprises.Geez.

A heavy burden. But it kind of reminds me of something... Oh yeah, I have it : the government which, in thirteen years in power, never had a concrete and realistic program for Kyoto, never found the time to implement a childcare program except at the very end, when the beans were already boiled, never transferred the 4.3 billions of post-secondary education and cut at several times large enterprises taxes. In other words, the change is not that drastical. Anyone remember the leadership campaign of Paul Martin, M. Americans-will-love-me-and-oh-what-a-great-idea-a-missile-shield ? I do.

II) If we look a little closer, let's say one minute, we didn't kick the liberals out of power. Electors did, after one of the worst campaigns in history (Thank you, Scott Reid!). And thirteen years of borken promises, too.And, most of all, Liberals kicked themselves out, in the end. Who's remembering last fall ? The NDP trying to negociate a deal, mainly on the public health-care system, Liberals rejecting it and therefore rejecting our support ? If they wanted to stay in power (and to protect health care, by the same way), they jsut had to negociate, to settle a deal. But it's so much easier blaming the orange guys, eh ?

III) If we think of it just a little longer, five minutes maximum, this whole story is just absurd. First, blaming the lack of results after three months of government is perfectly ridiculous - this government still has months, maybe years to live, and I am confident that our projects, like the anti-scabs law (by the way, you're still gonna vote against it, Liberals, ain't you ?) are going to be adopted by the House of Commons.

But, most of all : who's supporting the Conservatives ? Last time I heard, it's Yvon Loubier who was dancing hand in hand with Jim Flaherty, not Yvon Godin. So, why aren't the Liberals bashing the Bloc ? Why don't they ask everyone how a "progressive" party can support a budget abolishing Kyoto and childcare programs ? Why don't they bring on the floor the broken promise of the Bloc of never supporting a budget without changes to the Unemployment Insurance, a broken promise ? It is the Bloc who's supporting the Conservative governement, not the NDP. Don't shot the wrong guy.

And, most of all, don't sell the bear's fur before killing it (is it even an expression in english ?) : without a leadership race, we are going to be the strongest opposition to the Conservative government, believe me. And yes, we will get results for people.

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Blogger bza a dit...

Amen to that brother. I can't believe Bart has resorted to JC levels of wackyness, he's usually the level headed grit (whatever that means...). So very desperate and pathethic, you Liberals are hopeless if this is the kind of smears you are reverting to.

In addition to your points, Liberals seem to be obsessed with the "getting results for people" 06 election slogan which is kind of funny on one level, since the Liberals slogan seems to be remebered by nobody due to its incredible boring blandness.

CG asks, whatever will the NDP do in the next election without getting results for people? I assume, mostly what we did between 1979-2004 when there was wall-to-wall majoirty gov'ts. I'm sure we'll manage to definitely get some stuff done in this minority parliament though.

Even if we don't, it somehow managed not to destroy us in any single election in the past.

5/05/2006 3:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

5% 5% 5% GST! YEA BABY!

5/05/2006 4:50 p.m.  
Anonymous élie a dit...

The one thing I would say is:

it's not like anyone cares about the NDP (at least in QC).


5/06/2006 12:33 a.m.  

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