September 13, 2006

Stirred And Most Definitely Shaken

Our hopes and prayers go out to those who were hurt in today’s shocking incident at Dawson College. As shaken students reached Concordia University this afternoon, all we could do was hug them and tell them it was ok.

Shockwaves throughout the city leave us all a little sad tonight. Nobody knows why anyone would ever thing of doing something like this. I do not know how a 19-year old got an AK-47, but I sure hope they find out quick.

Kudos to the Montreal Police, who had shot the suspect within 3 minutes of the shooting. Kudos to the staff and teachers at Dawson who took control of the situation and kept everyone as calm as possible. Kudos to the doctors from the Montreal General, Montreal Children’s and the Royal Victoria Hospitals who helped not only the shooting victims, but the fragile students whose psyche is surely distraught.

Montreal mourns as a city tonight. From all of us at Fuddle Duddle, our prayers go out to those at Dawson College.

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