April 10, 2007

SES Poll Shows Resilience of the Liberal Voter

For many it was doom and gloom this morning, when SES released the popularity of the leaders from their 36-33 national poll.

Let’s just say that the results of this one were not as flattering for us.

It showed that 16.7% of respondents think Stephane Dion would make the best Prime Minister, despite the fact double that amount would vote Liberal in the next election.

In Quebec, results were similar, where Dion’s popularity has hit rock bottom, at 10%
Yet 18% of the respondents said they would vote Liberal.

Overall, 26% of Liberal voters said Harper was a better PM. This is the number which had me scratching my head. Even I wouldn’t answer Harper despite the fact I was satisfied with much of what he has been doing.

Then I thought of my family, the mass majority of which just LOVE what Harper is doing. However, when prodded, many admitted that they would still vote Liberal (in their riding the alternative is the Bloc).

Liberal support is a lot harder to woo than Mr. Harper intended. Even in Quebec, where Harper has made it back to 2006 election numbers and is starting to trend up, the Bloc has lost very little support thus far. If Harper can close the 9 point gap between himself and the Bloc, with a large chunk of Bloc votes concentrated in Laval, East Montreal, and Longeuil, expect fireworks.

Until then, he cannot get his majority until the actual people decide that the party with the best leader deserves their vote. The lack of movement, despite the attack ads and a friendly media, may just be what will put off the election until the fall.

Liberals must continue to hold their ground, but we need to convince the 60% of Liberal voters who do not think Dion is the best leader first. If we can get that message across to our own people, we can take our battle to the other parties more effectively.

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Blogger Jason Bo Green a dit...

If the CPC was as good as Harper is, the Liberals would be moving to other countries to find work. Stephen Harper ROCKS. He's not perfect - he's definitely not perfect. But he's a fine PM, and he's got little competition in the other party leaders.

So, while I hope to see Harper as PM after the next election (in 2008), I'm really not sure who I'm voting for, in my own riding. Could be Green, could be NDP, could be Tory - just depends.

Since we don't vote for PM, I take most polls with a barrel of salt. I choose Harper for PM, but I can't actually choose him.

4/10/2007 6:18 p.m.  
Blogger JimTan a dit...

Jason Bo Green said

“Stephen Harper ROCKS. He's not perfect - he's definitely not perfect. But he's a fine PM, and he's got little competition in the other party leaders.”

There’s no argument that Dion will not make a good PM. He doesn’t have the personality to endure 5 years of grind. The public is perceptive in this matter.

However, I certainty don’t think that harper is a good PM. Look at the way he handled himself immediately after the election. So much for accountability!

Then, look at he way he handled Emerson’s defection. This is not the behaviour of a responsible statesman.

Harper is supposed to be a trained economist. Yet, he made so many promises that he had to stiff Newfoundland and Saskatchewan. And, he made promises about medical wait times, despite the fact that no one can deliver.

Finally, harper decided to extend Canada’s mission in Afghanistan without an appreciation of the situation or consequences.

Harper looks good compared to Dion. The reality is that harper is one of the most incompetent and dangerous leaders Canada has had.

Over at Calgary Grit’s blog, we were having a discussion about elected judges. My blood turned cold when I heard about how harper is interfering in the judicial process of selecting judges.

4/11/2007 3:30 a.m.  

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