March 14, 2008

Can any Liberal Please Explain Instead of Abstain?

Abstainistan is something no Liberal should be proud of. The fact that Stephane Dion surrenders faster than the French Army should be of some concern to even the staunchest Liberals. Liberal faithful need to see their leader stand up for something in the very near future or more people will just tune them out.

I still get Liberal fundraising letters and the one I got last week had a big red “Take Action NOW!” urging the grassroots to help finance a general election. What Liberal in their right mind would spend their hard-earned money to continue to finance the gong show in Abstainistan?

Does anybody remember the three pillars? Some people thought it was really nice to have three pillars. Who knew that within 2 years, Stephane Dion will have failed to stand up for all three pillars?

He failed to stand up for the cuts to social programs when Stephen Harper gutted their budgets in the previous two budgets. He failed to support economic prosperity when he allowed Stephen Harper to squander a 15 billion dollar surplus and remove the federal government’s means to fight a slowing economy by abstaining on the budget. Then on a confidence motion slamming Stephen Harper on his environmental record, Stephane Dion abandoned the most important pillar he had and failed to stand against the Conservatives for their lack of action on climate change.

If you don’t support the pillars, the structure collapses. The leadership of the Liberal Party has failed to stand up for everything they believe in.

Liberal bloggers are presently listing 6 things they are doing to help the Liberal Party. I have a favor to ask some of my former colleagues: can you please tag Stephane Dion and get him to blog about 6 things he is doing to help the Liberal Party? At this rate, Liberals won’t vote for any other party; they will follow the Liberal example and abstain.

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