April 19, 2008

Backing Down…and Loving It!

Guess the Politician!

“I am not running because I want to focus my attention on the upcoming federal election. I would rather fight Stephen Harper than fight my own party.”

(ok so I am paraphrasing)

Is it Gilles Duceppe realizing he could never beat Pauline Marois?

No, it is Denise Brunsdon realizing she can’t beat Sam Lavoie.

Maybe we should call her Denise Duceppe. After all, they’ll likely both be gone after the next federal election…

Jokes aside...

Denise, I never knew you to back down from a fight, EVER. We both know the YLC needs this kind of a race to happen. Fight your election, tell Janice Sam will show up, and come back and dance.


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