January 8, 2010

37 days of gong show...

As I stood in line at RBC today to pay my credit card (yea im old school), I thought about how awesome it would be to be able to prorogue things.

I got to the teller and asked her to prorogue my credit card payment. Thinking I had said pay my credit card, she asked me how much I was paying. I told her I was proroguing my Visa bill and would pay her in 37 days. I needed to figure out how I was going to get out of the economic hole I put myself into buying Christmas presents and could not watch the Olympics with pesky collections agents calling me all the time. She had a sense of humor about it and proceeded to explain to me how much it would cost me to shut everything down for 37 days.

That got me thinking as to how much my tax dollars were paying Tory MPs to watch the Olympics.

All salary figures are from 2008

The Prime Minister makes 310 000$

A Cabinet minister makes 230 000$

An MP takes home 155 000$

37 days is exactly 10% of the year (How convenient! We just need to remove a zero)


     31000 x 1

    + 23000 x 35 Cabinet Ministers

    + 15500 x 109 Tory backbenchers    

    2 525 500 Taxpayer dollars


The Conservative government is spending 2.5 million dollars of your hard earned money sitting at home and watching the Olympics. They are not paying you to stay home and watch the Olympics. They want you to go to work and pay your taxes so they can stay home and waste your money watching television.


I paid my Visa bill today. I also bought a bus ticket to Ottawa for January 23rd. Enough is enough. We need to tell Stephen Harper that when you dont show up to work for 37 days, you get fired!

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Blogger youknowwho a dit...

Not to mention all the paid work of MPs and other civil servants that went into the bills that were in the House that now are dead.

1/09/2010 12:05 a.m.  
Blogger clarkd a dit...

Your ignorance of the federal government and how much time they sit in parliament is astonishing.  They are paid whether they they sit in parliament or not and that has been the case since confederation in 1867.  If the opposition filibusters in parliament, would you calculate the cost of wasting everyone's time?

How much overtime pay is paid to our PM for his 80 hour work week?

Proroguing the government is a normal procedure of government that has occurred since confederation.  It is used to separate different sessions of governing when the government feels they need to start a new group of legislation.  There is no criteria for proroguing a government and you will please note that even though the opposition complained about the actions of the government, nobody said that the government didn't have the power to prorogue government for any reason they wanted.

6/22/2011 10:33 a.m.  

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