April 6, 2005

Revisionist History

Funny Story

My 16 year old cousin comes to me and asks, “Ant, whats the night of the long knives.” So I tell him, it’s when Hitler killed all the officers that were conspiring against him.

He says no, I mean in 1981.

HEIN? Night of the Long Knives in 1981

OH!! I remember

Levesque gave that Press Conference that night in quite a state of shock and an Anglophone reporter asked him how he felt. His response was “like I was gangraped in the night.” .

So my proposition to Jean Marc Fournier is:

In the interest of historical accuracy, can all Anglophone references to that night in Hull be referred to as “the night Levesque was gangraped”?

This would only apply in the English curriculum and is of course as always, in the interests of historical accuracy.

That way, my cousin could study for his test and study the truth at the same time.


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