May 19, 2006

On Appelle ça du Leadership

Si le Parti libéral veut remonter la pente au Quebec, on a besoin d’un chef de parti qui aura le courage de ses convictions et qui prendra la bonne décision, même si les sondages lui indiquent le contraire. Michael Ignatieff a démontré ce leadership mercredi soir et a fait preuve de ce courage. Ses adveraires peuvent jouer des jeux politiques avec la mission en Afghanistan, mais quand vient le temps de trancher, les Canadiens veulent un Premier ministre qui ne laissera pas les sondages dicter ses positions.

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Blogger juicynewf a dit...

Right on, b'y! As we'd say in Newfoundland...

While it remains obvious that any overseas military deployment must have the support of the Canadian people, it falls upon our political leadership to ensure that a principled debate regarding the deployment of troops steers clear of petty partisan maneuvering and electioneering.

Michael has clearly outlined the need for Canada to engage in missions that blend military, reconstruction and humanitarian efforts. Questions of parliamentary process or polling data aside, Mr. Ignatieff’s vision represents the true leadership that has long been lacking in Canadian foreign policy.

I'll now await the requisite "but... but... Iggy wears cowboy boots and vacations in Crawford!" refrain.

5/20/2006 12:32 p.m.  

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