September 22, 2006

Bloc Blackmail Desperate Attempt to Avoid the Election of a Certain Leader

I am actually surprised it took this long. Tory polling numbers have fallen back into third place in Quebec. They trail the leaderless Liberals, who are beginning to be forgiven for our indiscretions. Gilles Duceppe is broke, well his party is. He was expecting a higher share of the vote last election and the Tories stole some of their pot of gold from C-24.

Now the Tories have proven their election promises were just a ploy to get elected. Gilles Duceppe will eat them for breakfast in the next election...another federalist failure...The Bloc needs to get more votes, and fast, in order to keep the party above water.

Duceppe needs to get this done as quickly as possible as there is a danger looming over the horizon. It is possible the Liberals may elect a leader who is sympathetic to the aspirations of Quebec to feel at home within this federation.

Imagine a Liberal leader in Canada who believes Quebec is a nation and is willing to prove it by entrenching it.

Imagine a Liberal leader who recognizes that the LIBERAL finance minister cut too deeply in 1995 and then over cut taxes in 2000, but is willing to find a way to restore full funding to the provinces and solve the fiscal imbalance.

Imagine a Liberal leader capable of building a Canada that brings everyone together while still respecting Quebec’s distinctiveness, proving that this federation can work despite the objection of the PQ and the Bloc.

No wonder the Bloc is scared. Quebec Liberals can smile today. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and Gilles Duceppe is running scared away from the light.

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Blogger Ontario Lad a dit...

Now we find out if the Liberal tough talk about defeating this Tory government was just a bluff. If they are true to their talk, they will support the Bloc in their motion and the government will fall. If they don't want an election right now they will vote to keep this government afloat.

Either way the Liberals will not benifit from this. Vote with the Bloc (thus living up to their tough talk) and give in to this seperatist extortion which will cause this government to fall, or vote, with the Tories (thus going against their tough talk) to keep a seperatist party from deciding the agenda and thus show their hand that they don't really want an election right now.

I hope the Liberals will vote with the Tories on this. You see, its beyond partisan politics now. We cannot allow a seperatist party to use extortion on the federal governmet, regardless of who is in charge. If this situation were reveresed and the Grits were the government and the Tories the opposition, I would not hesitate to support the Liberals. We cannot let the Bloc set the agenda.

9/22/2006 1:36 p.m.  
Blogger ottlib a dit...

Ontario lad:

The Bloc's demands are so outrageous that the Liberals can safely reject them without any political consequences.

On the other hand the Conservatives will suffer some consequences as they are the governing party and they will have to be the ones to lead the opposition to the demands. That will not play well amongst the soft nationalists and soft separatists in the Quebec City area, which is where the Conservatives gained most of their Quebec seats.

As well, the Liberals do not want an election. It is Stephen Harper that wants desperately to win a majority government and would not hesitate to stoop to forcing an election when his chief rivals do not have a leader.

However, that prospect is fading as the Conservatives are going to have to work hard throughout the fall to recover enough strength nationally and in Quebec to have a chance of winning the next election let alone a majority.

9/22/2006 3:36 p.m.  
Blogger Sinestra a dit...

Sorry, Antonio, but you didn't mention which leader the Bloc is scared of....

Oh RIGHT! You mean Ken Dryden (your #2) based on the polls saying he'd take votes from all parties - including our very own Bloc. Duceppe should be scared.

9/22/2006 5:14 p.m.  

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