May 16, 2007

Et Tu Gerard?

Ivison Reports What Many of Us Already Knew

I saw it in Papineau when the help from Kennedy, in the form of many staffers from Ottawa or riding organizers from Toronto were there to support Kennedy's highest profile Quebec supporter. I stand by what I said. Justin won fair and square. However, it was clear that the other camps stayed out because Dion wanted Mary Deros.

Either way, I am not terribly surprised.

It is all fair game if you ask me. Nothing wrong with playing a little dirty. In fact, I was a little sad when the orders came to stay "holier than the pope". The reason I was particularly against that is simple realist theory. The reason there is no rules in international relations is because somebody else breaking them.

I believe that party politics works the same way. Even if we stay holier than the pope, somebody will always be lurking in the night. Jamie Carroll is already losing sleep over it...

One last thing on that whole sordid becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy based on the direction of the office's thinking. Make them believe you can win, then everyone will focus on winning.


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Blogger Darren McEwen a dit...

How about these people who are complaining come forward... with their own names and not stand behind the "unnamed sources" shield.

Otherwise the old "inside sources" line just continues to fuel speculation as to who is behind the allegations.

5/16/2007 12:03 p.m.  
Blogger Antonio a dit...

well darren,

ironically enough, the only one who doesnt stand behind that cloak is Denis Coderre.

He is also vilified for doing so.

5/16/2007 12:10 p.m.  
Blogger R a dit...


5/16/2007 1:40 p.m.  
Blogger KC a dit...

When Gerard said that there are "no Kennedy Liberals" he meant it. There is no news here. Nothing. I know you don't like Gerard's views on federalism, but thats hardly cause to swallow Mr. Ivison's garbage.

If I wanted to I could easily find "unnamed" Liberal sources to support any nonsense I want to put forward and I dont have the connections of John Ivison.

5/16/2007 2:27 p.m.  
Blogger Antonio a dit...

whatever kyle there are Kennedy Liberals and they were in full force at the Papineau nomination meeting.

I dont think there is anything wrong with that. Personalities bring people into politics.

As long as people dont do anything too nefarious, I think it should be enough to let the national director sleep peacefully at night

5/16/2007 5:05 p.m.  
Blogger burlivespipe a dit...

Antonio, you, holier than the pope? When you can slime ad nauseum thru your blog (using Ivison as a source even!) I think we know that there is no depth that you won't plumb. Best you lie in your bed with Coderre and await your own 'night of the long knives'...

5/16/2007 6:55 p.m.  
Blogger fatness a dit...

LOL burlivespipe

Antonio, you remind me of someone I saw on a recent rip to your fair city. Apparently, there is a man, often outside the McGill gates, as my "inside sources" told me, who walks with a billboard about his latest conspiracy theory involving God knows what. Reading your blog entry, I can't help but be reminded of that man.

Keep it up, I must say that I'm always pleasantly amused.

5/16/2007 7:18 p.m.  
Blogger R a dit...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5/16/2007 7:50 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Et tu, Antonio?

So what are you suggesting is that unlike others, Denis Coderre stabs people in the front, unlike the back?

"As long as people dont do anything too nefarious, I think it should be enough to let the national director sleep peacefully at night"

So, you are suggesting that the Ides of March is coming and that we have to get the daggers drawn?

"Best you lie in your bed with Coderre and await your own 'night of the long knives'..."

I think burli has answered my question for you.

5/16/2007 8:10 p.m.  
Blogger R a dit...

I think Radwanski hits this one on the head:

I always thought the standard for wimpiness was set by those Liberals who spent much of the Chrétien era bitching about their leader to sympathetic journalists, but were too scared of him to let their names be published. But clearly, a new standard has been set by the folks who are now pulling that trick on the guy who finished fourth in their leadership contest.

At least Chrétien was a bit of a scary dude who could've refused to sign their nomination papers. What exactly is Gerard Kennedy going to do to them? Give them a dirty look?

What's interesting, though, is how obsessed some contingent or other of Liberals is with him. First, there was that whole spin job to my friend Jonathan Kay about ethnic politics. Now, there's the fairly tenuous suggestion that he's taking over the party by opposing the appointment of candidates, all based on precisely one example from one riding.

The Liberals should be worried about leadership jockeying, all right. But it's more likely by whoever's planning to compete with Kennedy than by Kennedy himself. As a general rule, when it comes to party unity it's more useful to worry about the leaker than what he's actually leaking.

5/16/2007 9:03 p.m.  
Blogger DivaRachel a dit...

Exactly how is it that having Kennedy bring it NEW people and NEW members of the LPC to the table bad for Dion? Many of these NEW people would not have come on board if Dion was the only cheerleader.

If Kennedy was a slimebucket (like some others), he'd sit on his hands and let the well dry up.

No, instead he's building an army of support for Dion and he's being slammed for it, par dessus le marché!

"Genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum."
-- Earl Charles Spencer

5/16/2007 11:50 p.m.  

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