May 4, 2007

Doan Responds With Hat Trick Against Belarus

The quote below is from Ted Bird, a radio host at CHOM FM in Montreal.

I agree completely. We are used to Layton being stupid.

What we are not used to is Stephane Dion not being Captain Canada and calling out the Bloc in its clear ethnic nationalist tirade against Hockey Canada, perpetuating a myth that this player insulted francophones. By perpetuating this myth, Dion and Layton increase the divide between English and French Canada FOR PARTISAN REASONS. Disgusting.

As for Denis Coderre, he is clearly more concerned with the positive media coverage he is receiving by a Quebec media that “never met an Anglophone bogeyman they didn't like to fabricate.” Coderre just took a page from the Mario Dumont Adequiste playbook and played it to perfection. I am personally disgusted. The reason I blame him is because he made the political issue out of it a while ago. With a lawsuit pending, I doubt he can comment...

Shame on the both of you. You all clearly lack the leadership Shane Doan has so ably displayed on the ice.

A very smart man once told me. “Quebec is not ready yet for civic nationalism. They will be, but they have been fighting for too long to understand right now.” I am now beginning to believe him.

Here is Ted Bird’s Quote

It is the height of hypocrisy when a group whose founding doctrine is based in ethnic nationalism accuses someone else of racism, but when they use the House of Commons as a backdrop for slander, it moves beyond mere hypocrisy and becomes abuse of parliamentary privilege. The Bloc Quebecois' hysterical demands for the federal government to have Shane Doan stripped of the captaincy of the Canadian team at the world hockey championships is political grandstanding at its most repugnant, made all the more despicable by the sorry spectacle of NDP and Liberal leaders Jack Layton and Stephane Dion jumping on the anti-Doan bandwagon. While it's no surprise to see a shameless opportunist like Layton pile on, Dion's lack of judgment is hugely disappointing for an erstwhile man of honor who now seems to be marching to the drum of Liberal advisors for whom appeasing Quebec sensibilities trumps political integrity every time. It comes down to this: there is not a shred of credible evidence to back claims that Doan made an anti-francophone slur against on-ice officials during an NHL game two seasons ago. The credible evidence is to the contrary. The league investigated the allegations and dismissed them, yet the opposition parties are using their parliamentary immunity from libel to perpetuate a myth, aided and abetted by a francophone media that never met an Anglophone bogeyman they didn't like to fabricate. To Doan's credit, he stood in front of the cameras and microphones yesterday and weathered the storm, defending his honor in a strong but mature and measured tone and allowing his teammates to get on with the business of preparing for a crucial game today against Slovakia. Doan's poise and courage under fire is a noble and ironic demonstration of the quality his political detractors so conspicuously lack: leadership.


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Blogger Candace a dit...

Thanks for confirming my belief that only politicians and the media thought this was any kind of an issue.

People who NEVER pay attention to the shenanigans in the HoC are shaking their heads across the land, I'm sure.

5/05/2007 12:16 a.m.  
Blogger JimTan a dit...


"People who NEVER pay attention to the shenanigans in the HoC are shaking their heads across the land, I'm sure."

Good thing I'm not a hockey fan. Otherwise, I would be out there with the righteous and indignant.

5/05/2007 3:58 a.m.  
Blogger Down & Out in L A a dit...

So much hypocrisy.

"Maudit Anglais" is a commonly used term and no one gets upset about that .

I am sure that Shane Doan wouldn't care if some politicians and their supporters are referring to him in that way today.

The people who made this an issue should publicly apologize, if they have any redeeming character traits at all.

It's called being accountable and accepting responsibility for your behaviour.

We should expect that from our publicly elected politicians.

5/05/2007 8:59 a.m.  

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