May 8, 2007

Caesar is Dead, the Fun Begins!

Friends, Separatists, Quebecois, maybe even Anglos, lend Gilles your imaginations.

As we see Gilles Duceppe come to the podium later today to praise Boisclair, we all know he will be there to bury him.

The sovereigntist movement faces a generational crisis, one which they thought they solved with a bunch of cegep students in Montreal 18 months ago.

As Quebecers grow tired of the usual dance between federalist and sovereigntist, the PQ and the Bloc have major decisions to make.

First of all, they have to decide on a leader who they will not eat alive the second he takes a misstep. If it is Duceppe, the Bloc Quebecois will have an interesting decision to make.

Duceppe will be a good fit in the PQ. Despite being a city guy, he is from the original generation, which in reality, is only a band-aid. He will have more respect in the regions than Boisclair did, and would have a better chance of embarrassing Dumont.

This is the bloc’s opportunity to move into the autonomist territory staked out by the ADQ. It would not surprise me if a more right-wing leader took power. The Bloc has to take Harper as their dancing partner and continue what they do best, oppose.

This is overall good news for the Liberal Party. At worst, the BQ collapses and the Tories and Libs can split the spoils. While not many BQ votes go Liberal, the split with the other parties elects Liberal MPs. The Tories would move to 40 seats in Quebec with no Bloc.

At best, the BQ holds on and keeps the Tories distracted while the Liberals are free to pick up the left wing parts of Quebec while the BQ moves right to accommodate its base.

Quebec is not a socialist bastion. Montreal is. The BQ will have to move. If they can do it successfully, the Liberals have great room for gain. If they do not, the Bloc dies, and we still have that opportunity.

I would prefer the Bloc goes down for the count. The sovereigntist movement is weakened almost fatally at this point. It is best that the federalists have one opponent to worry about. At this point in time, while Dumont is very dangerous, it would not hurt to put the other enemy away for good.

In the meantime, we will watch to see how sincere Gilles’ comments are at 3 o’clock. Caesar is dead, and way too many people are happy about it.


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Blogger JimTan a dit...

Don't count the PQ out. We'll see what a competent and experienced leader can do?

5/09/2007 1:15 a.m.  

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