September 15, 2007

Cherniak has Gone Mad

This is the response I had to Jason, but it did not clear his "moderated comment section". I put it up word for word with the correction of a spelling mistake. I think I added two other words to clear something up.

Jason is blaming a little blogger and people like him for Dion/Coulon's demise...sigh

Firstly Jason, if you actually read the link you posted, it would answer your question.

The poll was taken Sept 8-12.

Second, if you talk to ANYONE IN OUTREMONT WHO IS FROM THERE AND WAS NOT SHIPPED IN FROM ONTARIO, they will tell you it is not disgruntled Liberals switching, but in fact, bloquistes who are voting for Tom Mulcair.

The bloc polled 14% in that poll, less than half of what they received in the 2006 election. The Liberals are at similar levels of support.

Second you talk about "people like me" like I am some sort of poster boy for a disgruntled Liberal. Everyone i know from all leadership camps went to lend a hand in Outremont. They want Coulon to win. They believe in him.

Jason, I left the Liberal Party in May because I chose to pursue another career where I cannot be of a partisan leaning. You say people like me run the LPQ (sic) but in fact Jason, it is these Quebec Liberals who forewarned those at convention of the dangers of a Dion win, of his past, of his entrenched reputation in the eyes of Quebecers, of his stubborness, etc etc.

You made excuses then, you make them now. You have been apologizing for Dion's poor leadership since last March Jason. It is always somebody else's fault.

Dion picked the candidate.
Dion chose not campaign as much in the riding during the last month of the campaign.
Dion called in all the cavalry from Ottawa to come help when the ship sprung a leak.
Dion got the help from those who had no reason to help him other than to help the Liberal cause.

and all that wasn't enough to hold onto a riding the Liberals held since time immemorial, except when the Abortion debate in 1988 cost Abortion advocate (now senator) Lucie Pepin her seat.

Sorry jason, you can make excuses til the day the Liberals get pummeled in a general election. I am sure you have a great excuse lined up for then too. The problem is that the party hasnt changed and you have already found your scapegoat for Dion's latest shortcoming. "People like Antonio"

So you know what jason, wake the fuck up and take off your blinders. I know all the little Chernamaniaks out there want a happy ending and it is always nice to have a villain like me ruin all your little plans. But if you continue to remain blind to the glaring truth in front of you, I guess it will only hit you harder when the fucking shit hits the fan.


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Blogger Scott Tribe a dit...

Actually, this IS in his comments section., as of this AM anyhow.

9/15/2007 11:12 a.m.  
Blogger KC a dit...

Without dredging up past arguments--if you were so concerned about Dion winning at convention you should have pushed for a leader that the rest of us could have accepted rather than the guy you tried to push on us. You pushed a totally unpalatable candidate and the outcome wasnt entirely unexpected.

9/15/2007 12:48 p.m.  
Blogger burlivespipe a dit...

and I thought you said Coulon was a good candidate? Whether you're involved as a member or not, shouldn't you be trying to get the best candidate elected as the MP?
Or are you just looking forward to the Mulcair cannonball ride, Garth Turner times two that could be the result?
It seems to me that Antoine prefers being able to say 'I told you so' even before the chips have fallen. As KC sed, you had options but chose to be a rather irritating sabre-rattler for a candidate who wasn't ready, and someone who backed perhaps the second biggest calamity to mankind in the 21st century. Hey, guess that makes you a hero...

9/15/2007 12:56 p.m.  
Blogger Simon a dit...

Hey Antonio don't sweat it. Jason and the others don't realize it but the Liberal Party needs people like you to snap them out of their delusionary state...if it's going to get out of the hole it is in now. If ever a story reminded me of the naked emperor and the little boy this is it. And guess who is playing the role of the boy?
The fact is you knew that Dion wasn't going to go anywhere in Quebec right from the start. You were just too much of a nice guy to say it out loud.
But I'm not so I've said it all along.

Keep up your attempts to bring the Liberal Party back to its senses...and help people like Jason understand the REALITY of the new Quebec.
They may curse you now...but one day they'll thank you...

9/15/2007 6:54 p.m.  
Blogger lance a dit...

kc, in 1987 the Reform party was born because the PC party was deemed to no longer speak for some segments of the population, noteably the West. Likewise the Bloq for the same reasons in Quebec.

Antonio and many others wanted Iggy, almost the entire Quebec contingent. The 2% of Liberals that voted ended up chosing the absolute worse case scenario for Quebec Liberals.

What we're witnessing and have been watching for the last three years is the same fracture as 1987 . . . except this time it is the Liberal party.

While I don't think a new party will be the result this time, I've no doubt that the exodus has only begun from the Liberal party.

Many are saying that this is just a continuation of the Liberal feuds starting in the early 80's. While that may be correct there is a significant difference this time around.

Two weak leaders in a row.


9/16/2007 12:14 a.m.  

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