August 25, 2007

When it rains…

The fun keeps pouring in for Stephane Dion in his native province of Quebec…

3 Quebec by-elections are under way and the Roberval contest popped into the news this morning as the Liberal candidate forgot to tell her fearless leader a little secret…

Here is what she had to say about the way she was chosen…

“I am happy to have come to this moment here because the party has cleaned up its act. The party is more rigorous in the selection of its candidates. Our leader Stephane Dion is demanding of himself and of others. He wants to be surrounded by go-getters. The Liberal Party is at its best to serve the population.”

What was the little secret you say?

Apparently, Mme. Boulanger is a member in good standing of the CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA!


Some might say that Stephane Dion may be evaluating his candidates the same way teenage boys evaluate their dating prospects in high school...any girl will do.

Unfortunately for Stephane, with the ridings these candidates are running in...he may end having a worse record with women than Jason Kenney.

Either way, recruiting a Conservative to run for the Liberals is a good thing. The Conservative not tearing up her conservative card before she runs is a bad thing.

h/t Stephen Taylor

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