April 23, 2008

Conspiracy Theories Abound

I had a conversation with a friend about why Elections Canada would go to a judge in Toronto to get a warrant signed when it could just have easily sought a judge in Ottawa.

Did Elections Canada go judge-shopping? The warrant seemed like it could have been signed by any judge. Elections Canada had all the evidence it needed to get a warrant. They really didn’t need to go to Toronto to find a Liberal-appointed judge anyway. Besides, I am sure Ottawa has its fair share.

Judges are politically appointed. However, they are expected to be objective. If the warrant was bad, and a judge allowed a search anyway, the judge would face expulsion and possibly criminal charges. Conservatives can scream all they want, no judge is going to jail for the Liberal Party…

So even if it was a Liberal-appointed judge, is this where the infamous “leak” came from? I doubt it, since the media arrived before the Liberal Party, and even at that, EC had already been there for hours. Like I said before, no judge would risk their job and even jail time over this. It is likely, someone in the building saw people going to CPC HQ and carrying out boxes. It really wouldn’t take long for one person to tell somebody else. CTV is across the street. It wouldn’t take long before everybody and anybody was on the scene.

Ottawa is a small town, word gets around fast.

That is when it dawned on me.

Ottawa is a small town, word gets around fast.

If EC went to the Superior Court in Ottawa to get this warrant, word may get out, and word may get out to Conservative officials, giving them ample time to gear up the shredders. I am not accusing the Tories of hiding evidence. However, I hardly blame EC for taking any chances. Their job was to get what they were after, and word getting out to the Conservative Party would probably jeopardize the entire investigation.

In the end Elections Canada got what they wanted, and the Conservatives didn’t get a heads up, meaning that we will now be able to get to the bottom of this. But before the Conservatives go about smearing the reputation of the Canadian Justice system, they should probably realize that Elections Canada went to Toronto to make sure the Canadian Justice system would be able to function properly, and in turn, do what it is mandated to do to the Canadian people. Some people may not like that. The law doesn’t care…


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