December 19, 2008

It’s a Red Christmas This Year

Stephen Harper’s days as Prime Minister are numbered.

The incompetence that Canadians have seen since the Fall Economic Update multiplies daily.

Harper clearly does not know what he is doing. Neither does deficit Jim.

THREE WEEKS AGO, we had a surplus and were gonna weather the economic crisis just fine. Everybody knew that was bogus and Don Quixote found his lance, got on his horse and charged straight at the heart of this spinning windmill.

Luckily, the Liberals left Don Quixote at the windmill, and now patiently wait for Harper, Flaherty, Clement, et al. to continue contradicting themselves over the holidays.

Stephen Harper will also create jobs over the holidays. 18 of them. For Tory stalwarts. That should go swimmingly well. Canadians won’t have any of it. As soon as they get the chance, Harper is toast.


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Blogger Emerys a dit...

Its certainly a red Christmas in Gaza, I guess we all know who isn't losing any sleep over it.

12/29/2008 6:19 a.m.  

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