April 6, 2005

In one pocket, out other
Greg Weston examines allegations ad exec cut cheques for Grits and PQ
GREG WESTON, Parliamentary Bureau

"A MONTREAL advertising firm that received over $40 million in Adscam sponsorship contracts paid huge kickbacks to both the federal Liberal Party and the Quebec separatists, senior executives of the company have told the Sun. " ...

"But another former Groupaction exec, Alain Renaud, said that while the firm was getting millions of dollars in federal sponsorship money, it was secretly cutting cheques to the separatist Parti Quebecois.

Renaud said that in one transaction, a total of about $90,000 was given to the PQ as part of Groupaction's getting a $4.5-million advertising contract for the Quebec liquor board, called the SAQ.

Groupaction apparently won the contract in a competition when a bagman for the Parti Quebecois had a meeting with the firm's top executives."

[L'intégral de l'article]

Comme pour donner raison à Alex, on voit que Groupaction a probablement donné des dizaines de milliers de dollars au PQ en vue de l'obtention du contrat de publicité de la SAQ... Certes, la nouvelle n'excuse en rien les vols au niveau du PLC mais elle laisse à réfléchir lorsque nous voyons les bloquistes déchirer leurs chemises à la Chambre des Communes. Un parti propre? Hhrghhmm hrrrghm... Fuddle duddle, les hypocrites.

Anyhow some of the older folks in the party really screwed up on this one. And it's probably up to the youth to take leadership in cleaning the mess... What about more young candidates to important jobs inside the party or even as election candidates? Let's renew the party. We could not possibly have been involved... So it'd be a great cure to all the suspiscion and cynicism towards les vieux de la vieille, unfortunately now tenfold.

Nous n'avons pas l'expérience? Un passé douteux non plus! Un nettoyage du printemps s'impose? Qui dit printemps dit jeunesse... Just watch us.

- Marc

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