May 1, 2005

Declaration of War

Trivia Question. Who is the first person to declare war on Canada? You guessed it. Stephen Harper. Ok so he declared war on the Liberal Party but they are the governing party and that is unacceptable. So Stephen Harper wants to declare war on what he calls corruption in the Martin government.

When has Paul Martin ever been corrupt? Adscam? Sorry dude, that happened years ago, under some other guy, you might know him, cuz he kicked your ass three times, goes by the name Chretien. Martin comes into power, cancels the Sponsorship Program, eliminates the agency that administers it, fires everyone associated to the former Prime Minister (whether that was good or not , no comment from me) and then calls a Public Inquiry with a hostile judge to get to the bottom of it. Can Stephen Harper tell me what he would have possibly done better? After all, he is applying for the job.

Stephen Harper now says he does NOT support the budget because we cancelled tax cuts three years down the road and are spending money on education and affordable housing.

There you have it. Stephen Harper says poor people and students are less important than tax cuts to large corporations. In fact, they are so important that he will make an alliance with a separatist party to bring down the government to protect those sacred 2008 tax cuts. Now that folks, is the devotion I only thought I could see in Republicans.

The media has hit Martin hard too. Peter Hadekel says Ralph Goodale has no credibility and the corporate tax cuts should have stayed. Well Peter, you work for CanWest Global and I’m sure you would have liked the raise but like good ol’ Ralphie says minority parliaments are about compromise and sadly enough, we have to listen to the Video Professor and try his product or go down in flames.

But wait, we are going down in flames anyway. I have a question for Mr. Harper, as I am certain he reads this blog. Why don’t you release your platform before the election? The Liberals have theirs; it’s the budget, a carbon copy of the previous platform AND there are no promises for corporate tax cuts either, so I would say, the NDP only kept the Liberals true to what Canadians elected them for. After all those hidden agenda accusations, is Harper going to tell the Canadian people they have to vote on simple allegations when all he has to promise them is nothing, AGAIN.

I await the battle command, as I am excited to fight this new war.

CORRECTION: the only other group of people to declare war on Canada were the Separatists. Look, something else they have something in common, how revealing!


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