May 1, 2005

Let the Gong Show Begin

The latest deal between Paul Martin and the Video Professor is further proof of the irrelevance of the NDP in this situation. If the Liberals did not have the NDP in their way, they would have surely won a majority of seats in the House of Commons in the previous federal election. Now, large corporations will have to wait longer than 3 years for corporate tax cuts, crocodile tears from Antonio, truly. Let’s be honest, the expiry date of this government is January, as an election will be called anyway. The government can then seek out a different mandate from Canadians. If Canadians actually want this plan to be passed, NDP supporters in close ridings like Oakville and Simcoe-Grey and others across Ontario should hold their noses and vote Liberal. If voting NDP means Stephen Harper in your riding, for the love of, I won’t say God, he’s a Republican, vote Liberal, then a Martin-Layton coalition may actually prove useful.

Although until December, we need to keep ourselves entertained, we can do it WWF style.


Paul the Prude Martin and Jumpin Jack Layton vs. Gilles the Divider Duceppe and Stephen Baby-Eater Harper

Warren Kinsella and Shiela Copps vs. David Herle and Karl Littler

Bernard Roy and Brian Mulroney vs. Jean Chretien and Jean Pelletier

Reg Alcock vs. anyone brave enough to fight Reg Alcock

Mud Wresting Special Belinda Stronach vs. Ruby Dhalla.

Politics will be fun again….Let’s Get Ready to Rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllllle


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