April 22, 2005

Is Honesty REALLY the Best Policy?

It’s funny, a friend said to me the other day, if only Hippocratus made an oath for politicians too. How right he is. Honesty and good faith are about to make Paul Martin the biggest disaster in Liberal history. Liberals made promises up and down for 11 years under Jean Chrétien. They kept most of them but not all of them. Under Paul Martin, a campaign platform was fully implemented from top to bottom. This was unprecedented, even in Canada. No Canadian politician would keep ALL his promises, it was impossible.

Paul Martin promised to get to the bottom of this. He promised to call an independent inquiry that was not a kangaroo court. Although filled with hijinx, I do believe it is safe to say Judge Gomery is not a partisan Liberal. Canadians, especially Liberals, expect the Gomery Report to give a harsh new reality to the Liberal Party, that they were bilked out of millions of dollars by greedy businessmen. These events occurred in 1997 through 2000. It has been five years and Canada has moved on.

Paul Martin’s apology was long overdue. The Liberal Party was, in part, responsible for what went down. Was everybody in the know? We will find out in November. HOWEVER, it fell on Martin’s shoulders, as leader of the party, to level with Canadians and be honest with them.

How will Paul Martin be rewarded for sticking his neck out on the line and trying to do the honest thing? Of course….It’s Murphy’s Law. He will be punished with an early election by an opportunistic Blocservative Alliance, which threatens the very core of the nation’s values, between the social agenda of the Tories and the Treasonous Bloc, hellbent on destroying the country.

Stranger things have happened. (see Joe Clark) In the end Canadians may not want an election, but Stephen Harper is listening to Southern Ontario voters, not the entire nation. Paul Martin has made Canadians an offer that we cannot refuse. Spending 300 million dollars for an election that will solve nothing is not a solution. Will it be worth 300 million dollars if the Liberals are found to be knee deep in this shit? Definitely! But in the true spirit of Canada, let us reward the honest politician, because we all know it may never happen again.


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