October 20, 2005

Bravo Jean Lapierre...(Has Antonio lost his mind?)

Mark your Calendars…this is the day I write something GOOD about Jean Lapierre

I called Benoit Pelletier a separatist long ago…it was one of Fuddle Duddle’s first accusations which landed me in hot water…well after bringing many JLC(Q) members into the Benoit Pelletier Separatist Club (BPSC), it seems the BPSC has recruited it’s first cabinet minister


Ok so it’s not like we have any proof he’s a member but I believe that M. Lapierre’s statements speak for themselves. After Question Period Wednesday, John the Rock did the BPSC a great service…here are some quotes from ‘my favorite’ Le Devoir

«M. Pelletier a réussi aujourd'hui à meubler toute la période de questions du Bloc, a-t-il dit. S'il veut continuer d'écrire les questions du Bloc, peut-être que tous les députés du Bloc vont devenir des permanences contre le Parti libéral du Québec. Il ne s'aide certainement pas.»

«Un jour, j'aimerais que M. Pelletier fasse de la politique pratico-pratique, qu'il écoute ses propres collègues et qu'il ait le même esprit de collaboration qu'eux... À essayer d'être plus péquiste que les péquistes, les gens vont voter pour les vrais, pas pour les faux.»

Whether or not jean thought about the last part of that last sentence before the last election....no comment.

Lapierre has come a LONG way in persuading Quebeckers he is back on the federalist side and willing to fight for Canada.


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Antonio Di Domizio, am saying that I think Jean Lapierre did something good for Quebec and for Canada.

I have always said that Charest tries to walk the middle so much in Quebec he will soon end up with some separatists in the ranks.

Paul Martin and the Liberals are focused on results…Benoit Pelletier is concerned about posturing, not results. It’s about time the Charest government DID something rather than offer their opinion cuz them pissing on the federal government not only wastes people’s time, but also works against the federalist cause…that cause the PLQ supposedly stands for…these days I could barely tell the difference.

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