June 6, 2005

A New Horse Race

Ooh I love Predictions!

Here are the 3 top contenders for the leadership of the PQ

Gillies Doo-Separatist
Leader of the Crock Quebecois in Ottawa, Gillies believes that he should bring the government down on principle that they are corrupt and opportunistic, so when he joins the PQ leadership race because he can become premier, he will become…Liberal?

Pauline “Golden Bowl” Marois

If you spend 150, 000$ on a toilet, you deserve an award, but it isn’t the keys to the province. As health minister, she ruined the health system. As Education Minister, she ruined the education system. As finance minister, she nearly bankrupted the province. As premier, she would send Quebec…..straight down the toilet?

France-Ouais Legault

With no relation to JLCQ president Brigitte Legault, France-Ouais released a budget for Quebec’s first year of independence which was a gross miscalculation which failed to conduct simple math. If François can’t add up simple numbers, can he really be trusted governing a whole province, never mind a nation. Is it possible all Quebec would see is….red?

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