May 20, 2005

A True Canadian Hero

After his son’s murderer got off with a light sentence, Chuck Cadman went on a mission, to seek justice for his son. He joined the Reform party and got elected in 1997 in order to fight for stiffer sentences. He had every reason to hate the Liberal Party. He ran in 2000 as an Alliance member and looked forward to running as a member of the freshly-minted Conservative Party. Three parties, all with the intent of kicking out the Liberals; but Chuck Cadman fell victim to a powerful man in Surrey Politics, Gurmant Grewal. As deputy in one Surrey riding, he landed a second nomination for his wife in a second Surrey riding then tried to land a confidant in a third riding, Surrey North. It worked. 1000 South Asian Tories and one week later, Chuck Cadman’s political career was seemingly over.

Then true tragedy struck in the form of skin cancer. This did not faze Cadman, who ran despite his illness full intent of serving his constituents. He beat Mini-Grewal handily, the tories finished fourth and as it turned out, Chuck Cadman had the deciding vote in the House of Commons.

This week, Cadman faced a large test of conscience. Chuck Cadman joined politics to avenge his son’s injustice and to topple the Liberals. Now the time had finally come. Chuck Cadman alone could put the government out of its misery. However, he accepted the higher calling of his constituent, who like many Canadians, favoured waiting for Justice Gomery’s Report.

Chuck Cadman is proof that there is hope for true democracy, that there are members of Parliament there for the best interest of their constituents. On behalf of a young Canadian, Thank you,

Thank you for keeping the separatists in check

Thank you for supporting such a strong budget

Thank you for doing the right thing, in the interests of the people, and finally

Thank you for restoring faith in the Canadian political system

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