May 2, 2005

Foot in Mouth Disease Back

We must be headed into an election when Conservative MPs are already saying stupid things that expose their real opinion of other Canadians’s views. Who fired the first volley? None other than the Alberta Caucus Chair Ken Epp.

Funny how they had a two hour caucus meeting where several MPs from Ontario expressed concern their constituents did not want an election such as Newmarket Aurora MP Belinda Stronach and Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller. In that room 26 Alberta MPs and 24 Ontario MPs, that is rather revealing, isn’t it?

After the brainwashing…er…I mean two hour talkathon, it was unanimous, Canadians want an election. Stephen Harper says he doesn’t care about polls. The way the polls have been going, I wouldn’t listen to them if I were him either


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