May 6, 2005

Oops he did it again

Just when you thought those Tories might sweep into power, Spin Inc. managed to spin their way out of a major logjam by cutting a deal with the NDP, a national address; throw in a Bush doll and a long white ponytail, and voila, MAGIC one vote short. The situation in the House has reached a boiling point. With David Kilgour not in the picture, the Liberals and Pinkos have managed to accumulate 152 votes while the Blocservatives have 153, including the morbidly obscene James Moore, who yes folks, only counts as one.

All this effort is seemingly for naught. Although,I still hold out hope we can wait til January. Stephen Harper has overplayed his hand once again, he wants to put this government out is its misery. The only person needing to be euthanized right now is Gary frickin Bettman. So what does Harper do now?

A new SES Poll has us darn liberals ahead by seven and a whopping12 points in Ontario. Oh darn, looks like its time for Stephen Harper to flip flop again. Now that he cant win, the government can wait to be put out of its misery. This is hypocrisy at its most ridiculous.


PS This is by far the scariest thought imaginable WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?

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