May 17, 2005

Damsel no longer in distress

Come on, you’d do her

Being the adolescent male that I am, I was ecstatic and floored when Belinda bolted from the Tories and into HRDC.

1) She is hot
2) She is powerful and is a role model to young Canadian women
3) HAHA Stephen Harper
4) HAHAHA Peter Mackay got screwed again
5) Did I mention, she is frickin HOT!


1) ervatives will miss her
2) ervatives lost their only connection to Ontario
3) ervatives will regret wanting to defeat this budget.
4) ervatives are calling her a dumb blond now because they'll truly miss her.
5) ervatives no longer have the hottest MP on the hill.

In all seriousness, Belinda enhances the Liberal Party’s chances at taking a bite out of the Tory breakthrough from 2004. Belinda was a huge part of that and helped the Tories penetrate the 905 area and pick up seats. Three of the four are now in major danger of losing now that Belinda is gone.

Belinda adds credibility to the party and its landmark budget, which creates a national child care program after 12 years of promises. Liberals were responsible to get the finances of the nation in order and now are able to deliver on their vision for Canada which will benefit all for generations to come.

Belinda, welcome to the party, the 50 000$ at our next convention will be much better spent!

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