October 26, 2005

DING! The Jig is Up!

David Dingwall’s expenses were verified by an independent audit, and low and behold, the Conservative fearmongering over the issue is, well, exposed.

With Gomery coming out next week, the Tories and the Bloc will begin the scare tactics and threaten an election. Canadians will see the Gomery report exonerate the current Prime Minister and the former Prime Minister while condemning those who the Tories and Bloc treated as sacrosanct.

Stevie and Gillies will now head into an election where their only policy is overhyped allegations of Liberal corruption with no new ideas and a policy ripped straight from the headlines instead of thoughtful discussion and debate. Liberals have moved on with their progressive agenda for Quebec and Canada.

What song will Brian Pallister be singing next week…will it go something like: Uh Oh We’re in trouble! Something's come along and it's burst our bubble Uh Oh!

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