March 24, 2006

Seeing 3 candidates this weekend

So I get to go to Ottawa and pretend to be Marc-André this weekend at the YLC national executive. While I hardly call it an occasion for liveblogging, I will meet three candidates: Scott Brison (feign shock everyone) Belinda Stronach (my favorite) and Ken Dryden (who I want to watch the hockey game with Saturday just to see who he is cheering for)

Here are three biased questions I plan on asking if I get drunk enough:

Scott, can you still recite the Gomery answer off the top of your head in both languages?

Ken, do you think Habs fans will ever forgive you for going to law school?

Belinda, Quelle est votre première priorité en terme de politique dans le Parti Liberal.
(Note : My French is even more fan-tastic when I am hammered)

Yes I know Richard, president of the YLC has chosen to back Scott, more on that when I get back, have a great weekend

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