May 25, 2006

Awwww...wittle baby Hawper unhappy

Stephen Harper is accusing the media of being biased against him.

Now despite the fact that the only thing more disturbing to me than Mr. Harper as our Prime Minister is this episode of Little House on the Prairie I once watched as a girl where the family went away for the weekend while the mom stayed home and accidentally cut her leg on a barbed wire, a cut which later became infected with gangrene or some terrible bacterial infection that threatened to spread to her entire body, which meant all alone in the family cabin she had to cut off a giant chunk of her leg using nothing but a DULL KITCHEN KNIFE AND SOME TOPICAL ANTISEPTIC.... I still decided to consider Harper's concern.

I suppose it's true in that when the Conservatives cut the Aboriginal Accord, the media chose to focus mostly on the impact to Aboriginal communities rather than every Joe and Jane off-reserve taxpayer who instead got a cheaper bus pass.

And I suppose it's true that when they Conservatives decided to kibosh Kyoto, they did focus an awful lot of coverage on the reaction of other world leaders who were disappointed and upset that so many years of work went down the drain rather than the giddiness of domestic oil execs.

And to be fair to Mr. Harper, it's also true that when he cut press conferences after cabinet meetings, ended reporters' ability to ask questions freely at press conferences without previous pre-approval, and axed any non-PMO-approved ministerial media comments, sure, the media did spend a lot of time focusing on the ironic lack of transparency and accountability.

But at the end of the day, I think Harper might just be a a big whiny baby. News is news, and Mr. Harper can't change that. The press reports on government screwups and infringements on their right to access information. And we should all be thankful to them for it. A critical press (along with tetanus shots) is what makes this country great.

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Blogger MPM a dit...

It's quite a smart strategy, although it's a gamble. By telling everyone the media is bias against him, he's basically creating the scenario where the media will be denounced as biased if they run anyting negative on Harper, or the media will just keep quiet all together. Either way, it plays right into Harper's hands.

Eventually, the media will see through it or stop caring and expose Harper for the dirtbag that he is.

5/25/2006 6:08 p.m.  

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