September 27, 2006

Carolyn Bennett Supporters Do Not Want a Leader, They Want An Agenda

After indebted candidate number 3 joined the richest campaign on the block, we get news that Carolyn’s supporters, those who were supporting her for her values and beliefs, did not follow their leader, but rather followed her agenda. I wonder how many people are actually going to buy Bob Rae’s line that ideas don’t matter in leadership races.

Do we just rent a leader? If he wins, we have to provide him with lines and he goes off and says them? How the hell does anybody expect to take Bob Rae seriously at this point?

It is beginning to get ridiculous. The other candidates in this race will soon have to make a decision whether or not to support a candidate that has brought forth ideas and a plan to build this great country even further.

Watch out for surprises at convention. Just because a candidate may move one way, his/her supporters may not. It sets up some rather odd possibilities. Imagine Dion going to Bob Rae, would Dion’s Ontario delegates follow? Imagine Gerard Kennedy going to Michael Ignatieff, would the dippers in Gerard’s camp go with him to someone they swore as their arch-enemy?

Do not tell me it is impossible after the candidate on the furthest right went to Bob Rae.

This will make the vote even more volatile and, sadly, make Super Weekend results only good for the first ballot.

Sorry folks, this one will go down to the wire.

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