April 24, 2008

Stephane Dion Getting a Little Help from Beyond?

It was a brilliant PR move to send Stephane Dion to the Habs-Bruins finale on Monday night. Sitting him between Ken Dryden and the Big M was certain to get the Liberal leader some free air time. The crowd will always give Ken Dryden an ovation.

Now remember Stephane, the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS. Start throwing the name Harper around with Hextall and compare Jack! Layton to Danny Briere for all his incessant whining.

Speaking of Monday night, how many of you could hear Harry Sinden screaming GHOSTS when Mike Komisarek’s shot went off a Bruin stick and by Tim Thomas? Or when Mark Streit did his best Maurice Richard impression in the 2nd period to go up 2-0?

Many former Habs have gone on to be great supporters of the Liberal Party, notably Ken Dryden and Serge Savard. They can all attest to the magic that surrounds the Montreal Canadiens and the city of Montreal during playoff time. The Liberals have a little magic of their own. How many times have the Liberals unexpectedly been saved by irrational circumstances? Maybe the ghosts of Mackenzie King, Laurier, Saint Laurent, and Trudeau are rearing their heads…much to the dismay of the Conservatives…

A few months ago (maybe weeks?), Stephane Dion was a listless leader with no grip on his own party, no support in his home province outside Montreal, and no chance in hell at becoming Prime Minister, a first for a Liberal leader in over a century. Now a Conservative scandal a day with only days left to force an election before the summer and it is looking more and more likely Dion will be moving into 24 Sussex in time for Canada Day. Some call it luck, but during playoff time in Montreal, we call it ghosts.

The biggest non-hockey ovation of the night went to none other than JEAN CHRETIEN. I have to point something out to the Quebec Liberals who like to rail on Chretien. When Jean Chretien became Liberal leader, the Forum crowd booed the English words to O Canada. Now they give Jean Chretien an ovation. How times have changed…


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Blogger Jason Cherniak a dit...

The funniest part about your stupidity is your inability to recognize how foolish it is to talk about how a person supposedly "had no chance" a week ago, yet has one now.

Perhaps the problem with your reasoning is that nothing is ever as certain as you seem to believe it is. If you could just think about that for a second, then maybe completely logical outcomes won't shock you when they actually come to pass despite your best attempts to ignore the possibility.

4/24/2008 3:33 p.m.  
Blogger Antonio a dit...

Winning is about doing better than your opponent Jason. Sometimes, one needs to raise their game, and sometimes, your opponent royally screws up and you win by default.

I really think in this case Jason, it is the latter.

Dion has yet to do anything positive except wait for Harper to screw up. If that is a positive achievement to you, maybe my standards are too high, or yours are much too low.

4/24/2008 3:45 p.m.  
Blogger Chuckercanuck a dit...

well, good luck to both of you.

Antonio, we share the Habs. But, you guys get to share Dion.

Look forward to that election call. Will it come? Well, if it does, I agree that Dion will be MOVING OUT of Stornaway when its done.

4/25/2008 4:49 p.m.  

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