December 14, 2005

Way to go Steve-O!

Just when you thought Harper didn't have it in him (balls, that is), he manages to step up to the plate and impress. Yesterday, US Ambassador David Wilkins chastised Paul Martin for criticizing America. While there is no doubt that Wilkins attack was aimed at the Liberals, it is important not to forget that other party leaders are just as guilty for using the States to help their campaigns. Just last week, Harper was given a side-ways endorsement from his Washington counterparts despite his open criticism over softwood lumber. Harper has also said he would not go to Iraq. A decision I am sure the Bush Administration would not be happy about. Nonetheless, yesterday's speech by Wilkins curiously left out any mention of the opposition. Even with this early Christmas present, Harper still told the US to stay out of our election, a very bold and impressive move indeed. The US weren’t very happy when Chrétien endorsed the Democrats in the 2000 Presidential elections, and now it is time they followed their own advice. Bravo Harper! For once you have done the right thing. Keep it up and maybe the Prime Minister will let you visit 24 Sussex.

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