January 31, 2006

Core Principles

There is one underlying reason why I am a Liberal. It is not Health Care or Child Care. It is not Cities or Foreign Affairs. There is one fundamental value which Paul Martin brought up a couple of times but didn’t stick to it. It was actually a shame.

Equality of Opportunity

When you look at all the government intervention imposed by the Liberals, it has been in the interest of levelling the playing field economically, socially, and politically. As a result, the prosperity that has occurred throughout the last decade has touched more Canadians than expected. In this regard, the Liberals have done a fantastic job governing throughout all their terms.

Where do the other parties stand on the issue?

The NDP stands for equality of result, where everyone ends up at the same place in the end. While noble and slightly utopian, all attempts of imposing equality of result have resulted in society becoming poorer in the end. The innovative nature of humanity is lost. Canadians reward hard work. Those who work harder, get degrees and achieve higher paying jobs deserve it, and are duly rewarded.

The Conservatives believe in the most basic concept of equality, where everyone has the same legal rights, but the government has less right to intervene, what was called the “fend for yourself” philosophy. Conservatives believe that the economy will sort everything out in the end. While also reasonable, this philosophy is one that interferes with social programs that help so many Canadians, probably why those left leaning tories have a “red” conscience.

The Bloc does not believe in equality. They believe, as Quebeckers, they are entitled to more as individuals and as a collective province. While sounding outrageous, this is actually true. Bloc policy is actually very Liberal. But fundamentally, a party who says that a Quebecker deserves more than an Albertan in the Canadian constitution is outright unequal, no way around it. Is Quebec distinct? Are Franco-Manitobans distinct? Is the Italian-Canadian community distinct? Of course! We are all distinct. That’s the best part of being Canadian. Does me being born in Quebec entitle me to more rights as a Quebecker than my cousin in Ontario? Of course not! Quebec did not sign the Constitution because it felt it not get enough in Trudeau’s deal. How could Trudeau hammer out a fair deal without compromising the rights of the rest of Canadians?

In terms of levelling the playing field, nobody did it better than Pierre Trudeau. Equality for language rights in 1970 with bilingualism, equality of ethnic background with multiculturalism in 1971, and equality of all Canadians’ rights with the repatriation of the Charter of Rights in 1982. Equality of Opportunity is our biggest strength as a party. It is the vision the Liberals have used when they were entrusted with building this great country. It is a Liberal value, not a Canadian value. Some Canadians believe in equality of result or in simple legal equality. We must differentiate Liberal values from others as the Liberal Party. When we hold these philosophies in mind, we help society evolve in the way we believe is better. Applying these common principles to all our policy is what we need to rebuild this great party. Equality of Opportunity is the place to start.

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Anonymous gwilliamjr a dit...

I like your ideals but...here comes the but...one line is pretty telling...you said the Conservatives believe in equality for all but...fend for yourself mentality....thats the better than thou attitude that is killing Liberals...the idea that someone who competes and fails needs help. One day, some time soon I hope, no one will be treated differently because of where they were born, or what race they are...want a job..go get one..the programs are in place to better yourself...its ironic, after the killing in Toronto, a left wing mayor, a left wing government brought in experts from Boston to help with shooting problems in the city...they had a common solution...more fathers to help raise children...more church to help raise children...teach your children to read, write and work...teach them responsibility for themselves and one other human being...that government could never supply a child with the basic needs that parents could. Now, one of the reasons I am so proud to be a Conservative is...getting government out of the lives of people who should take care of themselves...and putting more services and money into helping people who NEED our help.
I just dont see how governments can continue thinking that being everything to everyone advances our society, when...equality means just that...my Canada doesnt choose one person over another because of how they look or where they came from...yours may..mine doesnt.

1/31/2006 11:13 a.m.  
Anonymous Chris a dit...

Hear, hear, gwilliamjr. But I must say it's probably going to fall on deaf ears. Trying to explain that to a Liberal is like trying to get blood from a stone.

1/31/2006 11:48 a.m.  
Blogger Jason Cherniak a dit...

Why do you say Martin did not stand up for it? I think that the whole concept about child care was equality of opportunity.

1/31/2006 12:05 p.m.  
Blogger Antonio a dit...

One believes in more government involvement in society, one does not. I choose the Liberal view, you choose the tory one, thats the beauty of the electoral system.

Conservatives believe more policing and stronger sentences is the solution. Left-Wing parties say we must attack the root of the problem, which is poverty.

As for Martin, he defended it, but instead of explaining why his vision was better, he just sought to associate Stephen Harper with Mike Harris.

1/31/2006 12:38 p.m.  
Anonymous gwilliamjr@aol.com a dit...

Its hard to argue with you Antonio, but my Conservatism does not equate poverty with crime..it never will. I am the new Harper Conservatism, very left on social issues, very right on making people understand that tax's come from business's and corporations..and without those two there are no social programs. We are not knuckle draggers...far from it...and I dont think for one minute I have all the answers. There is too much crap being written about left wing lunnies and right wing neo-conservatives. I just think that people who go out and work should be able to keep more of their money..to pay for daycare of their choice...maybe to sacrifice a holiday or the new car, stay at home and be treated with respect. I have a summary of Canada...100 kids go to school...2 go to school hungry..our answer? Put the beaucracy in place to feed all 100. Those 2 children still dont eat supper, but once they are out of school its not our business. Sickening. Hire 10,000 more workers, find out why that child isnt eating, help the parents with jobs or re-education and attempt to end that childs fears and pain..but no..we dont do that...we puff our chests, feed all 100 and say what an inclusive society we are. We've invested billions in homelessness and the poor, yet, the numbers keep getting larger..and to me, thats unacceptable. Lets help people in a manner that we only have to do it once..it costs more and will be harder to do...but to do it we have to face a very Conservative value...YOU are responsible for YOU!!! Now...feel free to call me names.

1/31/2006 4:14 p.m.  
Blogger Carrie a dit...

Interesting that the one thing not considered is that there are many, many Canadians who cannot fend for themselves. Due to illness, age, disability. What is needed to help them? Not education, not a breakfast program. It's healthcare. And Social Service Supports.

That is my main problem with the Conservatives. Their Canada only includes those who can be "fixed". They have absolutely no interest or compassion for those who live, barely or with great difficulty, and need support.

1/31/2006 4:26 p.m.  
Anonymous gwilliamjr a dit...

Thats right Carrie, Conservatives are great big meanies..we all dig for oil and dont care about anyone else...where does that come from??
The most helpless in our society right now do not get the help that they deserve. Why? Well..we spend billions on registering guns that are already registered..I could find 20 billion more..but I think you get my point...in trying to be everything to everyone we let the helpless fall through the cracks..but I said that already..you didnt read it or you read it and decided that I was a Conservative so I'm heartless bastard. I said...put more money into services that help people who NEED it...more hospitals..more long term care facilities...more access for the handi-capped...but..here's the problem Carrie..all this costs money...tax money...peoples tax's..big heartless corporations tax's..and you know where I'm going with this dont you...we waste 5 to 7 billion dollars a year in this country...so Carrie..would you cut a daycare program we dont need to help the ones who truly need our help, what about a gun registry? We all care Carrie...very much. But I have the guts to admit that something has to give...that first and foremost the issues that you raised be taken care of first, that no child goes hungry, that no senior lives off food stamps, that homelessness and drug addiction can be treated...take care of these things first, then worry about a National Daycare Program, or the newest Liberal program..a National Breakfast Program. There is only one taxpayer Carrie, and sooner than later you Liberals are going to go to the well one too many times and find the cupboard bare.

1/31/2006 5:01 p.m.  

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