March 24, 2006

Liberal Love-In….I WANT ONE TOO!

One last note before I head off to Ottawa. Everyone that I talk to that was at Shielapalooza last night tells me it was a glorified success. YAY for Shiela and WAY YAY for the Liberal Party!

I am finally gonna ask Toronto for a favor…Can we borrow Dennis Mills and throw a Queen Elizabeth for Jean Chretien? Another who deserves a love-in is Alfonso Gagliano. Once Gomery gets thrown out of court, we are need some more love-in as well. Oh I guess we should have one for Earnscliffe in Vancouver. I mean we’ll need more than Scott Feschuk to console Scott Reid.

Can’t you feel the love? I certainly can! GROUP HUG!

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Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

I hope that Fuddle Duddle will follow the genius of Richard Diamond and announce soon that they are all Scott Brison suporters.

3/25/2006 10:15 a.m.  
Blogger Parliamentary Sex Therapist a dit...

Cynic, thy name is Fuddle Duddle. Congratulations on this text Antonio. I found it quite enjoyable!

3/25/2006 8:42 p.m.  
Blogger Jason Cherniak a dit...

Are you serious about Gagliano?

3/26/2006 8:43 p.m.  

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