April 13, 2006

Dollars over Sovereignty


Apparently the mighty loonie will be sticking it to the separatists this year. After years of having to tolerate people treating Canada Day as Moving Day, alas, someone has come along and spoiled the separatist’s day of celebration…Bernie Ecclestone.

You see, Grand Prix weekend is the most important weekend of the year in Montreal. The city stops and ogles cars for a week. My friends and I always mozy on down to Crescent street for great parties and to ogle scantily-clad merchandise, in all shapes and sizes, some of which have engines!

However, Provincial laws require businesses to close on Saint Jean Baptiste. WHAT? And shut down Grand Prix weekend….me thinks NOT!

So here we have it, force the Montreal economy to take approximately a 1% hit by shutting down the city the day before the Grand Prix, or tell the seps to take a pill and go to Crescent Street and party it up. Jean Charest gave in to pressure and allowed “certain” businesses to stay open. Would we even have HAD this debate if it was for Canada Day? Not in this province.

The economy is something the sovereigntist movement must deal with because economic business leaders always say separation is bad for the economy. How can Quebec have assured free access to China and India if not through Vancouver. As the world globalizes, the secluded sovereigntist vision makes less sense, even artists, who are the core of the movement, like Michel Tremblay are beginning to see how perilous this dream really can be.

I just cant wait to look at that beautiful prancing horse…mmm…Ferrari!

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Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Viva Ecclestone!
Viva Grand Prix!
Viva Antonio, warrior-princess!

4/15/2006 12:31 a.m.  

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