April 1, 2006

Fuddle Duddle Declares Their Support…Loses Brunsdon

It was a tough battle for all of us to wade through the candidates for leadership. At the end, three of us decided to unite behind a single candidate.

Last year, this candidate joined the Liberal Party after a long family history of supporting the Liberal Party. Their staunch support for many issues dear to the hearts of us Fuddle Duddlers make us proud and rings true of the reminiscent spirit of a famous former Prime Minister. When we ask ourselves, what is a Liberal?...this person truly comes to mind. Their great decision-making skills remind us of the Great King Paul I, the infallible sire who was felled by Darth Harper.

It is with great pride and pleasure that Antonio Di Domizio, Alexandre Plante, and Marc-André Gendron give their unanimous, undivided, spectacular support to Belinda Stronach.

After serious overnight deliberations, spanning days and continents, I went to Ottawa and gave Belinda a one question interview, where I asked the most important policy she would bring to the LPC (I asked in French as it is so important)

She answered J’apprends le Français. That’s all I need to be convinced. I mean. We want a leader who is constantly working to make themselves better. We want someone who becomes qualified for job after we have hired them.

We want someone young, even though it doesn’t matter if the young candidate values old ideas. With the remaining JLC(Q) breakaways now rallying around Belinda Stronach, young men and women will come together across Quebec and support Ms. Stronach, because everybody else supports her…and isn’t that a good enough reason anyway.

Sadly, Denise Brunsdon did not want to be a team player. Actually, Denise now plays for the other team! After finally receiving her phone call, Denise Brunsdon has left Fuddle Duddle to work in Minister Emerson’s Office. After all, Denise wanted to do what was right for BC. We wish her luck! NOT!

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Anonymous Manitoba Liberal a dit...

In the spirit of April first I want everyone to know that I have caught a serious case of Volpe Fever and will work to make sure Joe Volpe is our next Prime Minister.

4/01/2006 4:13 a.m.  
Blogger s.b. a dit...

April fools right Alex. LOL

4/01/2006 8:40 a.m.  
Anonymous dm a dit...

Calgary Grit reports that Belinda will not take part in the Edmonton panel session.

She is really a ridiculous candidate. No one else is going to take her seriously.

4/01/2006 9:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Tout un beau poisson d'avril les gars! Vous m'épatez!! hehe! :-)


4/01/2006 10:16 a.m.  
Anonymous Matt Campbell a dit...

phew! I forgot today was april fools day! That Brundson comment gave it away.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

4/01/2006 1:56 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Will Richard Diamond and Denise finally admit to the existance of their secret love child conceived over a night of hot passion at the LPC office last spring.

4/01/2006 2:54 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

I was about to blow a gasket, but then picked up on the sarcasm. What a relief!

4/01/2006 4:12 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Antonio, you did a better job than Pierre Bourque's April fool's prank. He is losing his touch.

4/01/2006 4:35 p.m.  
Anonymous Orleans Grit a dit...

Even if Denise were to have gone to Emerson's office I'm sure she'd be hiding under Sheryne's desk everyday. I can just picture the two of them together planning evil strategies to egg Emerson or even ways for when he picks up his phone, for his phone to yell out, "RUN IN A BY-ELECTION FOOL!"

Oh the dreams of a true Grit...

4/01/2006 6:29 p.m.  

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