March 27, 2006

I Support Richard Diamond’s Decision…Just not its Timing

Inquiring minds wanted to know what I thought of Richard Diamond’s decision to support Scott Brison, a French-challenged candidate for leadership.

After my treatment of Belinda’s French on this blog, many expected fireworks to begin yet again. As I had discussed Brigitte’s decision with her before I responded, I afforded Richard the same opportunity. I understand his reasoning.

The YLC executive was this past weekend. Richard set up for us to meet 3 candidates, but came out in the Canadian Press the night before as a Brison supporter. To me, it seemed like a slap in the face to Ken Dryden and Belinda Stronach.

His reasons for not waiting are valid. He spoke to everyone and had chosen a candidate. Why hide it from everyone? True enough. I would have waited. I am myself waiting for my candidate to declare before I outright endorse him. (Sorry Belinda and Martha) Richard made his decision and I respect that.

As for my opinion of Scott’s French, it’s improving…still nowhere near close enough, but improving. Scott has told me he wants to do the cult hit Tout le Monde en Parle, where he will face an hour of grilling in French, and the hosts are unforgiving. If he survives that alive, I will anoint him bilingual.

Good Luck Scott, you’ll need it! Stick to Dany Turcotte, he might be slightly more sympathetic…

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Anonymous Manitoba Liberal a dit...

Richard wanted a candidate with French skills equal to his own I guess.

I'm glad Richard is at least not following his old Boss man Alcock and joining Team Belinda.

3/27/2006 8:07 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Any chance that Brison will able to speak French well enough to be able to hold his own in a debate before the next election?

3/27/2006 8:35 a.m.  
Anonymous MississaugaPeter a dit...


I hoped Richard would have allowed other candidates to meet him before becoming a partisan participant in the leadership campaign.

That being said, did he tell you why he chose Stronach?

3/27/2006 9:00 a.m.  
Blogger Vincent Riccio a dit...

Great post.

I believe that we should hear visions before endorsing any candidate. Not that I don't already have my choices, however, it would have been wise to hear many more visions before conceeding.

3/27/2006 9:19 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Antonio, can you please describe the food and drinks at the various leadership parties? I would have based my decision on who to support based on the quality of beer and doritos provided.

3/27/2006 9:20 a.m.  
Anonymous YL Groupie a dit...

I support Richard Diamond!

That boy is buff!

He's like a Jewish Brad Pitt!


3/27/2006 10:20 a.m.  
Anonymous Guess Who a dit...

The food reflected the candidates

Scott: Ok, some good stuff and accessible can't say wow and can't say yark

Ken: Hockey friendly, chips, pretzels kinda stuff

Belinda: Way too fancy for the average canadian... I am proud to mention I had a cosmopolitain, perfectly bilingual drink!

I can't wait to eat Gerard's food ;)

3/27/2006 11:04 a.m.  
Anonymous MississaugaPeter a dit...

Gerard's food. What food? We donated it to the local food bank.

3/27/2006 11:59 a.m.  
Anonymous Matt Campbell a dit...

I too spoke with Richard about his decision. My thoughts are that, although I believe he has the autonomy to support whichever candidate he chooses- in my opinion he should keep it rather private. The position as Young Liberal leader is a sacred one- and shouldn't be used to bolster support for Brison.

I know Diamond is doing this in good faith, but because of the requirements of the job, I think the best thing to do for the club, is to wait- and feel out what the club is thinking.

His timing was bad. On a number of accounts. His intentions are good, but there is a conflict of interests which cannot be remedied by good faith.

3/28/2006 8:58 p.m.  
Anonymous Orleans Grit a dit...

I don't know what it is with people and critizing Richard for supporting a candidate.

"The position as Young Liberal leader is a sacred one- and shouldn't be used to bolster support for Brison."

Why didn't anyone speak out like this when the YL President endorsed Martin for leader in the last convention?? What about poor Copps? It's a bit prejudice to criticize Richard for supporting a candidate. People are linked to the candidate who represents their interests. Scott is the only socially progressive candidate who can have the best outcome and he has an incredible stand point on policy. This is what leadership needs to be about, policy, policy, policy!!

This is going to be a rough ride for some candidates and there are already too many people glazing the field. We have a definite 15 candidate race and I don't blame Richard for endorsing a candidate. Like Antonio, I wish he'd have waited till the candidates had all declared.

3/29/2006 6:20 p.m.  
Anonymous Matt Campbell a dit...

"Scott is the only socially progressive candidate who can have the best outcome and he has an incredible stand point on policy. This is what leadership needs to be about, policy, policy, policy!!"

Orleans- clearly you missed my point. I wasn't arguing that Brison was a bad choice. If I was, your quotation would be right on the mark. I was simply attempting to point out that part of Diamond's job is to represent the club. He's our official poster-boy. He ought to take that into consideration.

To be perfectly clear- this isn't about Brison. It's about the functions a LYC president- in a race with so many candidates, in which club members differ- I think he ought to save his preference until Montreal. By definition he's betraying many young libs who support other candidates. He's working against many of his own. That's where the conflict of interest lies. He's serving two masters. If Chinese proverbs speak any truth, this cannot go on for long.

If it was about Brison, I wouldn't post. I think we all have the authority to support whomever we like. I'm not supporting Brison, but I won't force that on you, or Diamond. However, he's in a unique position which other Brison supporters aren't. That should stand for something.

3/29/2006 6:36 p.m.  
Anonymous Orleans Grit a dit...

Again I will bring up the point that why didn't anyone claim this sort of thing when Martin received endorsement from the YLC President in his run? There were numerous youth on Copps' campaign and no one said anything either...

I of course would have preferred if Richard would have held back until Scott and the majority of top 6 contenders had announced... It makes it for certain to the media that Scott will run.

3/29/2006 9:57 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Way to go Richard!

You have shown the way for |Young Liberals by identfying the candidate most responsive to a new generation of electors and Liberals.

With you in Montreal!

3/31/2006 7:11 a.m.  

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