January 11, 2007

And I’m the Pope

"He (Lapierre) said at the time, insisting his decision had nothing to do with Stephane Dion's election as Liberal leader."

Take that one with a grain of salt folks.

The irony is that the Jean Pelletier re-instatement appeal was thrown out of court this morning.

More fun you ask…

Lapierre was right about one thing…

"But Lapierre denied that his absence will have any political consequences for the Liberals.

"It doesn't change anything -- the dynamics in the House won't change because of me," he said."

No they won’t Jean, the podiums you beat up will certainly not miss you at all…

More irony…

For all those who are taking the opportunity to slam Lapierre (Martin’s Quebec “guy”) on the way out, remember his British Columbian counterpart Mark Marrissen is our party’s national election co-chair.

I’ll miss you Jean, if anything, you certainly were entertaining!

Who said the Liberal Party isn’t full of surprises?

Right, and I’m the pope.

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Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Jean Lapierre was troubling to many in the party.

We can all be thankful that he is now in the past.

Mark Marrisen has earned his stripes and is part of our future.

It's still troubling that there are some who still undermine the leadership and direction of the party.

If they can't support the choice of the party, follow Mr Lapierre's example and leave.

There are a lot of people who have personally achieved very little but who think they are the experts on all things.

If your personal ego is the size of Montreal, youmight be in the wrong party.

Denis Coderre, are you listening ?

1/12/2007 12:04 a.m.  
Blogger Alex Plante a dit...

Denis Coderre is probably one of the only MPs that are able to reach out to the regions of Quebec, if not the only one. We must regain the hearts of Quebecers.

He's a valuable member of our Party. He's done a very good job in all the portfolios he was given.

Stop being divisive. Denis was very disappointed with the results of the campaign and that is very understandable with the kind of effort and passion he put in this.

Denis is loyal to the Party. To me, the Party chose a new leader democratically and we must accept this and we do, including Denis.

We must not make the same mistake twice, we can't set aside valuable members of our Party because they weren't on the leader's leadership team. We have to keep in mind that the Party is greater than the leader. There are no place for Paul Martin Liberals, Stephane Dion Liberals of Michael Ignatieff Liberals. We must all be LIBERALS and that's it.

Tous ensemble is what Michael Ignatieff said that night of December 2nd. Think about it.


1/12/2007 1:06 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

My information is that Denis is not being the kind of Liberal that you speak of.

So who is it that is being divisive ?

1/12/2007 2:25 a.m.  
Blogger Quebec Liberal a dit...

Denis has started his plans for running for his next position.

1/12/2007 9:32 a.m.  
Blogger WestmountLiberal a dit...

I am hoping you are right about Denis.
His "I'm not worries, I've got an MBA" comment after Dion won the leadership was irresponsible as a sitting MP and as a Quebec Liberal.
Denis will need to rebuild some trust amongst us.

1/12/2007 9:45 a.m.  
Blogger Antonio a dit...

A lot of us said things in the heat of the moment.

You should of heard me in the first hour following Michael's loss.

I can hardly blame Denis for being upset at the time.

Now that I am calm, I say "The Liberal Party will get what it voted for."

1/12/2007 11:48 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

I hope for the same things that Alex does but it is quite clear that some of Michael's supporters are not following his advice.

1/12/2007 1:56 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

Hey, as for Lapierre's leaving having nothing to do with Dion, I would take that at its face. I was on the Outremont board when Lapierre first arrived, and he was very clear that he was staying in only as long as Martin was leader. Frankly I'm surprised he's stayed on so long.

I'll just say, other than I never completely understood the antipathy Paul Martin showed Martin Cauchon, I was glad Lapierre was back on board.

As for Denis Coderre, maybe he let his frustration get to him on the night of the vote, but I have no doubt that he will work his butt off for the party in the coming election and helps us win back a few seats. And I'm very confident we will win more seats here in the next election.

1/12/2007 2:03 p.m.  
Blogger Scott Tribe a dit...

I can vouch for Antonio - he was a wreck in the blogger's room immediately after Dion's win. What he posted on here was a lot milder then I thought he was going to in his emotional state at the time. ;)

1/12/2007 6:10 p.m.  
Blogger Scott Tribe a dit...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1/12/2007 6:10 p.m.  
Blogger Alex Plante a dit...

To Down & Out in L A,

Maybe, before badmouthing people, you should speak from experience.

You should restrain commenting on people you don't know. When I first started that leadership, I wasn't a big fan/friend of Denis Coderre. I was there because I absolutely love Michael and Pablo was a friend.

I got to work with Denis Coderre and I really learnt alot and I had a great time. He's close to his people on the team. He expects alot because he works hard too.

He's one of the greatest assets of the LPC in Quebec. Don't fuck around with him.


1/13/2007 9:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...

From Paul Wells

"Lapierre cheerfully set about recruiting candidates who had never stood up for Canada - at one news conference he unveiled seven, whose unifying characteristic was that they used to be Bloc or Parti Québécois members - and purging some of the other kind.

In St. Laurent-Cartierville, Lapierre recruited a Lebanese-Canadian journalist as the party's standard-bearer for a riding with a large Arab population and began organizing to take the riding away from the incumbent, Stéphane Dion."

I can't imagine why this would influence M. Lapierre's recent decision.

1/13/2007 11:15 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous a dit...


You're right. I don't personally know him.

I just hope that his public comments and reports of his behaviour in caucus are not truly reflective of the man and do not seem to be in the spirit of "Tous Ensemble".

1/13/2007 11:26 p.m.  

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