November 21, 2005

Better to laugh than to cry

Today the National Post ran a news story headlined, "Media hard on female politicians: professor." It outlined not-so-startling information about the way the media unfairly angles its stories against female politicians and posed it as a plausible explanation for the lack of female involvement in Canadian politics. Now my question to everyone out there is, what is more ironic:

a) that this infromation qualifies as news


b) that the National Post is the one taking up the cause

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I will never forgive the National Post for its callous coverage of Minister Stronach the day after she switched parties coupled with that ridiculous front page headline, "Blonde Bombshell." I look forward to the day the Post can no longer afford to fill its newspaper boxes, which luckily isn't far off...

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